Why Me?

Jim Arnold

I’ve Been in Your Shoes.

At one time I purchased writing products for the companies I worked for.

Back then, it seemed like I always needed the copy yesterday. And when the writer couldn’t turn it around quickly, it had to be great. Because I didn’t have time for revisions.

Before I went into business for myself, I worked at both Dolby Laboratories in San Francisco and the American Lung Association in Los Angeles as their Director of Public Relations. In both instances, I was hired to set up a new department where no communications functions had existed before. That meant I also served as the primary writer, except for those instances where we needed outside help due to the nature of an event or because of the sheer volume of work required.

Before that, I held a number of writing and communications positions at Paramount Pictures in Los Angeles, both in corporate communications and motion picture publicity, including a multi-year stint as editor of the company magazine.

As a freelance writer, I’ve worked with clients in the entertainment, technology, and non-profit areas. Clients have included Universal Home Video, the American Lung Association, CinemaCon, AIDS Project Los Angeles, Showtime, BoxTop Interactive, Columbia Tri-Star Home Video, Granada Entertainment USA, HBO, Fodor’s Publishing, the City of Santa Monica, Vobile, Inc., DTS Digital Cinema and others.

I have extensive writing experience in professional and consumer trade show support (including CES, NAB, CinemaCon, CEDIA, IFA, E3, Game Developer’s Conference, AES), new technology launches, worldwide PR program coordination and personnel management, and film festival support.

My degree is in Journalism from Marquette University and I’ve  studied in the MFA Cinema/TV Program at the University of Southern California, as well as at Film Arts Foundation in San Francisco and in the UCLA Extension Writers Program.

Competence and promptness are likely what you need in a freelance writer. That’s what I offer.

I invite you to contact me to discuss your needs and to learn more.

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