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Why We Love: Trade Shows and Conventions

Get Me Out of the Office! Most of the year it’s the same old same old, right? Whether it’s the corner office or a gray cubicle in the middle of everything, our routine settings get tiresome, and it’s only a matter of degree. Everything looks fresh in a new environment, even a temporary one.

Learning new things: Let’s face it, even the most jaded among us will find a new take on something at an annual trade show, if not some truly revolutionary product or idea. Prepare to become surprised and delighted.

Meeting new people: It’s such a relief being away from the usual crowd, amiright? Sure, it’s business contacts who help us grow, but also old friends and colleagues who’ve moved on and this might be that great chance to catch up. Of course, there are the post-show intrigues as well—“what happens at the trade show stays at the trade show.” Sometimes that’s a good thing!

Restaurants/bars/other sights: If it’s the annual trip to a certain location, one you’ve visited before, you get to see what’s new. Great for foodies and those who like clubs, but even the more sedate in our midst may find a new attraction worth visiting.

It’s a Gym Alternative: You know you wanted this, you were likely getting sick of the same four walls and a convention center walking workout was what your body craved—especially post-holiday season where, if you’re like me, you fell off the healthy diet wagon. Those sore feet and legs? Warrior points, baby, just remember that.

So you’ve got a few shows lined up for the new year and the materials are already written, edited and approved, right?