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Solving Your Biggest Business Writing Problems

Here’s how to approach some of the challenges in business writing:

  • Do you have something that will work already done in some form? (That can be altered, edited? – don’t reinvent the wheel every time). Many pieces can have new life in slightly different forms, such as the case study that becomes a shorter blog post, or the corporate speech that becomes multiple blog posts.
  • Identifying the best person to author your specific prose. Save time and money by ensuring you have the best author on board, someone who knows your company and the subject well enough so you don’t end up doing all the rewrites yourself.
  • Deciding on what form the message/communication should take. Here again, strategy is a key issue. What is the desired outcome or call to action the piece of writing is meant for? What forms of communication are most appropriate to your particular audience?
  • Distributing the message/communication to the correct audience. The best piece of writing in the world does little good if it doesn’t reach the appropriate target(s). That needs to be defined before the piece gets written.
  • Distributing your message using the correct tool/tools. How does your target audience prefer to receive a message or a piece of writing? There’s so much variety here—video, print, online, mobile apps? Where are they most likely to find what they need from you?
  • Ridding your piece of jargon and slang. At the end of the day, nobody wants to have to circle back and re-edit a piece to ensure top-of mind strategic synergy, now do they?
  • Finding your consistent business voice. All companies should have a tone that’s consistent and appropriate for their business “personality.” A disrupter in the used automobile space will have a very different voice than, say, Bloomingdales.
  • Overcoming the scheduling demon – by this I mean—why is it always late? Maybe it’s because it’s the workload of an afterthought. How about contracting it out to someone who only does that one thing, which is to create B2B writing products?